Stadtdesign von A bis Z

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Stadtdesign von A bis Z is a magazine I made for my degree at the School of Art and Design Kassel.
It`s an overview for cities and designer, who are working with Corporate Design for cities.
I`m sorry but at the moment is no english version of the magazine available.

Stadtdesign Download   A click on the Cover will open a PDF-file of the magazine.
  The PDF is 7 mb and will be shown when loading is finished,
  so it will take a while.

Please don`t publish the magazine in any other form and don`t set deeplinks, but link to this site.

There is a difference in the digital version. I did not get in contact with all cities.
Logos of cities I did not reach are not shown, but linked. Only a few, I`m sorry.

If you are an involved city or designer and find your logo in the magazine and you want your logo
not to be published in the magazine, please write me an email and I will remove the
correspondent picture immediately from the magazine!

Stadtdesign von A bis Z
Final paper in Visual Communication at the School of Art and Design Kassel
Christian Rudewig, 2011